Lingfield 3, St Francis Rangers 1: Better performance, but another defeat

Rangers boss Simon Boddie
Rangers boss Simon Boddie

St Francis Rangers lost 3-1 to Lingfield on Tuesday night.

Goals from Rory Woolston, Thomas Stead and David Heaton gave Lingfield a 3-0 lead before Louis McAuliffe got a late consolation nine minutes from time.

This was Rangers' fifth consecutive defeat but Rangers boss Simon Boddie believes this was an improved performance.

He said: "It was a better performance all round as a team, some individuals stepped up to the mark and we fought much harder, however stupid mistakes cost us dearly. Two goals conceded from a set piece in the first half. Both came from unnecessary fouls delivered into the box that we failed to defend.

"Half-time they were told a few home truths and the second half we cut out the fouls and responded well. An injury to Conor Carolan forced us to make a sub, hopefully he is ok for Saturday. We had a couple of chances but failed to take them the opposition GK was playing well as was the back 4 for Lindfield."

In an effort to change things, Boddie made a second sub taking off Tyler Fesrnside and replacing him with Harry Presland. Boddie siad: "Unfortunately Harry conceded a penalty which saw us go three behind. We managed to pull one back and were trying hard to score again when we had a player deservedly sent off, not really a way back."

Boddie is working hard on bringing in new players and hopes to have one or two arrive by the end of the week.

Rangers host Selsey on Saturday. Boddie said: "Skipper Sam Fildes has a hairline fracture in the foot and Idriz Adedoja has moved away so there will be opportunities for our youth to step up."