St Francis Rangers 1, Saltdean United 3: Defeat after 'frustrating' three-week break

Simon Boddie
Simon Boddie

St Francis suffered a 3-1 defeat to Saltdean United on Saturday following a frustrating three week break.

Boss Simon Boddie said: “Having had such a positive result last time out against Selsey, the enforced break due to inclement weather was very frustrating as we hadn’t been able to train properly either.

“So not kicking a ball in anger so to speak for almost three weeks didn’t really bode well in facing an in-form Saltdean side.”

Boddie had skipper Sam Fildes available after a foot injury but five others were not available for selection, work injury and a ban being the reasons. Boddie said: “Saltdean have a few experienced heads and our youngsters did well to compete, we lacked a little awareness some of that is down to being “ring rusty” but conceding the first goal could easily have been avoided if we had been more aware.

“The game had been fairly even and the second half began to follow the same pattern with us making the goalkeeper work on a couple of occasions but he was very experienced and never looked flustered at all.”

Saltdean then scored a penalty. But Rangers never gave up. Boddie said: “We continued to fight and again the opposition saved another couple one from point blank range. In the last minutes we concede from a corner again for me that was a lack of awareness.

“The general public will see an away 1-3 win second form top v second from bottom but in all honesty it was closer than that, but that’s football.”

Rangers face Southwick away on Saturday. Boddie said: “It is a crucial match and I am missing at least two who won’t be available for selection due to being on a ban and away for the weekend, so I am hopeful we will have a decent full squad out to face the challenge of getting three points away from home.”