Home comfort is not enough

Despite a good win by the home team, Wealden Ladies bowls team were soundly beaten by a strong and experienced Arun team in the third round of the Masons Trophy.

Friday, 3rd January 2014, 8:00 am

The Wealden home rink skipped by Margaret Smith were ahead all the way and although never running away with the game, a comfortable win looked to be the most likely outcome until a few ends after the interval when Arun outplayed their hosts to even the score.

With only six ends remaining, the momentum was with Arun and they looked the likely winners.

But from then on it was all Wealden as they ran away with it to record a 20-12 success.

This gave the away side an eight-shot advantage to take into their game but from the opening ends the Arun team dominated.

Wealden were not allowed even a glimmer of hope of improving the situation as Arun piled on the shots relentlessly to win by 27 and take their team into the fourth round by an overall score of 45 shots to 26.

Wealden 98 Egham 82: Wendy Botfield 20, A Buttery 12; Vivienne Crowther 18, T Searle 14; David Horsburgh 20, D Coleman 12; Ivan Atkinson 10, A Pendelpho 26; Maureen Spyers 11, A Syrett 12; Bill Bankier 19, R Rapley 6.

Wealden 101 Wey Valley 148: Peter Menniss 21, G Liley 25; Ann Spree 23, J Woodhatch 24; Margaret Liston 8, P Dixon 32; Maureen Spyers 18, F Watson 25; Vivienne Crowther 14, P Baignt 22; Tommy Towner 17, M Clarke 20.

Wealden 115 Worthing Pavillion 100: Norman Dobson 18, I Smith 13; Alex Parsons 12, B Graham 26; Mick Read 14, G Shallis 20; Richard Flower 26, B Bodicoat 19; Ray Fletcher 25, T Cripps 7; Robert May 20, K Bowden 15.

Wealden 130 Arun 104: Ann Spree 13, G Conley 23; Janie Champness 26, F Ireland 10; Janet Birch 20, W Adams 21; Hazel Jepson 35, M Phillips 13; Sue Hanlon 12, C Horsley 29; Wendy Botfield 24, B Spicer 8.

Wealden 26 Arun 45: Home- Margaret Smith 20, W Adams 12; Away: Elizabeth Gooding 6, A Janman 33.