Burgess Hill Runners take part in some less conventional events

Steph, Karen and Nick at the Punchbowl 30 (photo courtesy of Paula Ridley) QX878Ncp6UpehXgcKcog
Steph, Karen and Nick at the Punchbowl 30 (photo courtesy of Paula Ridley) QX878Ncp6UpehXgcKcog

Adventurous Burgess Hill Runners were out flying the club colours at some less conventional events this weekend.

On Saturday mud lovers Neil Grigg, Helen Pratt, Linda Russell, Hannah Watkins, Alfie Kempton, Archie Kempton, Angus Kempton and Catherine Kempton ventured to Nutley for ‘The Eliminator Race’.

Ice cold water, mud and steep hills were the reward for their journey but these hardcore runners were all pleased to complete the difficult 5 mile course, 10 miles for Neil who fancied some extra punishment!

They weren’t the only runners taking on hardcore events this weekend. Accomplished ultra-marathon runner, Philippe Ecaille took on the Thames Trot 50, a 50 mile trail ultra over energy sapping mud.

Philippe did superbly to cover 42 miles but unfortunately missed the difficult cut-off by the narrowest of margins. Karen Harvey, Stephanie Harding and Nick Dawson were also in long distance action this weekend with a 30 mile ultra-marathon in Surrey, ‘The Punchbowl 30’, which they actually measured at 31 miles.

The ladies ran together for support and were happy to complete the event in a very impressive 7 hours 40 minutes.

Back in the realms of conventional running distances, several BH Runners took on the Chichester Priory 10k. This is a flat road race lending itself to fast times and it was no surprise that running legend Jonathan Lelliott was able to clock a superb time of 39:01, leading home the club’s runners in 14th place in his age category.

He was followed by Sally Symes (51:34), Gill Berglund (52:36), Jon Lavis (53:18), Steve Gray (1:00:51) and Kjell Berglund (1:01:14).

FInally, Kevin Walker continued his ‘down under’ running adventures by completing the launch event of the Toolern Parkrun in Western Melbourne, Australia in a time of 28:49.