Wins for Coomber and Tomlinson in busy weekend of racing for Haywards Heath Harriers

Harriers at Hastings: Natalie Chivers, Jack Chivers, Peter Cobbett, Kim Lo, Carl Bicknell, Amanda Soper and Matt Quinton.
Harriers at Hastings: Natalie Chivers, Jack Chivers, Peter Cobbett, Kim Lo, Carl Bicknell, Amanda Soper and Matt Quinton.

There were a number of races across the counties this week with Haywards Heath Harriers’ Izzy Coomber and Paul Tomlinson picking up impressive wins and a host of top finishes from Harriers across the events.

Hedgehopper 5

Izzy Coomber and Paul Cousins were first Harriers home in the West Sussex Fun Run League on Sunday where the Portslade Hedgehoppers hosted their scenic 5 mile run.

On her return to racing following injury, Izzy Coomber (35:14) was first lady on the undulating chalky paths over the South Downs. She put in a fantastic performance and there is clearly plenty more to come.

Cousins ran brilliantly over this challenging course to finish fourth with his time of 31:59, pipping Tom Mullen (32:27) who was fifth. Barry Tullett (34:17) ran strongly in 22nd place, benefitting from his marathon training by finishing two and a half minutes quicker than in last year’s race. Julian Boyer (35:09) and Ben Adams (35:11) traded places three times in the last few hundred metres to finish high up in the club points.

Full results

39:25​ Rod​ Catton, 44:12 ​Graham​ Kenward, 45:57​ Steve ​Horn, 46:03​ Marion ​Hemsworth, 46:55​ Rupert ​Purchase, 51:29​ Linda​ Tullett, 1:03:29​ Jenny ​Denyer, 1:10:53​ Trevor ​Crowhurst.

Clair parkrun

In this week’s Clair parkrun, where a record turnout of 157 runners took on the free 5k race, there was another commanding display from Harrier Paul Tomlinson. He won by a massive margin in 17:06, one of the quickest times ever recorded on this course. There were also personal best times for Will Herbert (19:46) and Howard Booth (21:03).

Hastings Runners 5 Mile Race

The Sussex Grand Prix season continued its busy May with the Hastings Runners 5 Mile Race on a fast and flat course along the scenic sea front. The race attracts quality runners from the South East offering runners the chance for a best time over the distance.

There were strong Harrier performances all round with Kim Lo (31:18) fifth lady, clocking a new personal best and breaking the club record in the process. Jack Chivers (30:28) was best placed Harrier in 23rd.

Full Results

34:42​ Graham Jenner; 34:56 ​Carl Bicknell; 36:56 ​Amanda Soper; 38:57​ Matt Quinton; 44:13 ​Peter Cobbett; 48:01​ Natalie Chivers.


The Haywards Heath Harriers juniors had a great result in last week’s Sussex U13 League match at K2 Crawley, finishing third behind Crawley and Horsham. It was an excellent turnout with all events covered – some Harriers competing in events for the very first time.



75m ​A​ Hattie Collins ​5th ​12.3

​B​ Lily Stubbs ​3rd ​12.6

150m ​A​ Sophie Hooper ​4th ​22.9

​B​ Isabella Doyle​ 3rd​ 24.8

600m​ A ​Isobel Claxton​ 5th​ 2:11.3

​B​ Emily Branagan​ 3rd ​2:14.7

1000m​ A​ Isobel Russell ​3rd ​3:47.6

​B​ Trinity Bird​ 2nd​ 3:53.2

70m H ​A​ Libby Ackland-Hancock​ 4th ​16.8

​B​ Lily Stubbs​ 3rd​ 17.8

High Jump​ A ​Libby Ackland-Hancock ​4th​ 1m00

​B​ Hattie Collins​ 4th ​1m00

Long Jump ​A ​Sophie Hooper​ 3rd ​3m65

​B​ Isabella Doyle ​4th ​2m79

Shot ​A ​Freya Sambell​ 3rd ​5m04

​B​ Anna Kenward​ 4th​3m00

Discus ​A​ Francesca Wallace​ 2nd ​12m59

​B ​Freya Smit ​3rd ​8m42

Javelin ​A ​Freya Sambell​ 4th ​9m72

​B ​Freya Smit​ 3rd ​8m51

4 x 100m ​Sophie, Hattie, Libby, Freya Smit ​4th ​64.0


75m ​Madeleine Peers ​3rd​ 12.7

​Molly Atkinson ​5th ​12.9

​Emma Vince ​5th ​14.0

70mH ​Molly Atkinson​ 4th​ 16.5

600m ​Madeleine Peers ​2nd​ 2:08.6

Long Jump ​Isobel Russell ​3rd ​3m37

4 x 100m ​Team 1​4th

​Team 2​5th

​Team 3​7th


75m ​A ​Tishon Alexander-Price ​1st ​10.6

​B ​Joel Skey​ 2nd ​11.4

150m ​A ​Tishon Alexander-Price ​2nd ​22.6

​B​ Kim Ranson​ 2nd​ 23.5

600m ​A ​Adam Dray​ 3rd​ 1:53.3

​B​ Daniel Adams ​3rd ​2:03.4

1000m ​A ​Paddy Thorne ​4th​ 3:29.7

​B​ Ben Fenner-Meadows​ 2nd ​3:30.3

75m H ​A ​Theo Maton ​4th ​17.3

​B​ Joel Skey​ 4th​ 18.4

High Jump ​A ​Charlie Salvage​ 4th ​1m10

​B ​Ethan Lambert ​4th ​1m00

Long Jump ​A ​Theo Maton​ 3rd​ 3m80

​B​ Adam Dray ​5th​ 3m08

Shot ​A​ Paddy Thorne ​3rd ​5m59

​B​ Ethan Lambert ​4th ​4m03

Discus​ A ​Daniel Adams​ 4th ​10m81

​B ​Toby Wiles ​4th ​6m29

Javelin ​A​ Lio Robinson​ 4th ​16m48

​B ​Tom Spensley​ 3rd​ 13m06

4 x 100m ​Tishon, Joel, Adam, Theo ​4th ​61.3


75m​ Lio Robinson ​4th ​11.6

600m ​Tom Spensley ​5th ​2:04.8

​George Hurst ​7th ​2:06.8

​Finlay Stewart ​8th ​2:07.1

​Ryan Armstrong ​9th ​2:07.5

​Toby Wiles ​10th ​2:07.8

4 x 100m​ Team 1​5th

​Team 2​6th

​Team 3​7th