Burgess Hill Runners at Barns Green - Boxall and Armstrong lead the way

Burgess Hill Runners at Barns Green. Courtesy:  Mark Craigs
Burgess Hill Runners at Barns Green. Courtesy: Mark Craigs

Barns Green was the centre of the running calendar this week for Burgess Hill Runners.

An undulating road course with the option of two distances to run ( 10k and Half marathon ) and it also happened to be a club championship race.

First home in the 10k for the club was Kirtsy Armstrong (42:38), she was followed by Neil Phillpot (43:06), Gayle Tyler (46:45), Stuart Condie (47:06), Richard Neale (47:52), Martin Skeats (49:27), Mark Santer (49:49), Jean Leak (53:10), Oliver Jones (54:11), Mark Craigs (54:16), Chris Page (57:21), Kim Gow (58:49), Pauline Sutherland (01:00:24), Wendy White (01:01:57), Gene Lowson (01:02:36), Jocelyn Coppard (01:06:39), David Clark (01:07:44), Linda Russell (01:09:03) and Rebecca Slattery - Kavanagh (01:22:39).

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Half Marathon: Jon Boxall was the first home in (01:25:33), followed by Oliver Day (01:26:28), Stuart Church (01:27:40), Robert Shalloe (01:28:33), Gary Woolven (01:33:55), Andrew Bishop (01:38:19), Jack Maynard (01:38:40), Debbie Saint (01:47:50), Christopher Marr (01:48:23), Oliver Dewdney (01:50:32),Benny Coxhill (01:56:11), Jonathan Lane (01:58:33), Florence Wolfe (01:59:18), Christelle Maugiron (02:00:39), Jane Owen (02:00:52), Malcolm Johnson (02:02:49), Hugh Stevenage (02:02:51), Simon Lock (02:04:50), Angela Bower (02:07:19), Briege Toner (02:09:07), Carole Mills (02:10:47), Clare Payne (02:12:09), Katie Thompson (02:12: 10), Natalie Banbury (02:16:35), Andrew Rowe (02:16:40), Jill Craigs (02:17:13), Caroline John (02:17:13), Stephanie Harding (02:19:44) and Claire Giles (02:21:19).

Eslewhere on the Sunday the WSFRL league continued with the ' Windlesham Whip '. The top ten point scorers for the club were: Leigh Smith (27:15) finally getting his ten points, had been so close for a long time. Followed by Douglas Cooper (31:06), Annette Maynard (33:08), Nigel Cruttenden (33:43), Phil Latham (33:44), John Palmer (35:48), Jayne Leaney (36:20), Laura Walton (36:29), Tlou Mati (37:03) and Karl Richards (39:04).

Up in Scotland three of our runners had decide to go north of the border and take on the 'Glasgow Half Marathon '. Allison Willcox (02:51:21), Malcolm Slater (02:51:22) and Michelle Sutherland (02:51:21) all completed the event.

In Surrey Helen Pratt and Matt Wilson took on ' Run Box Hill ' 10k. A very hilly course as the name suggests. Matt was first back in a time of (59:49) and Helen finished in (01:04:01).

On the Saturday Mark Nicholls traveled to Bristol to compete in the ' Green Man Ultra ', A 45 mile course over some tough terrain. A brilliant run by Mark as he finished in Fourth place with a great time of (07:26:29). Awesome effort!