Brendan Cole and dancers aim to present a dazzling spectacle

Brendan Cole
Brendan Cole

Brendan Cole, star of Strictly Come Dancing, has announced a brand new show for 2015.

Promising A Night To Remember, Brendan and his cast of dancers, musicians and singers aim to present a dazzling spectacle.

The show is set to visit The Hawth, Crawley, on Tuesday, January 27 (7.30pm).

Across 48 shows in three months – and straight off the back of season 12 of Strictly – Brendan will showcase his expertise in an odyssey of music and dance, once again blending exquisite choreography with his own unique charisma.

There’s new music, new costumes and new banter to keep audiences entertained throughout, as Brendan leads his cast through a diverse selection of styles and numbers, each of them exhilarating, mesmerising and memorable.

Previously travelling the country with his debut show Live and Unjudged (2010-12) and follow up Licence To Thrill (2013-14), Brendan and his cast of 14 musicians and six world-class dancers stunned audiences with scintillating music and awe-inspiring moves.

The waltzes and foxtrots propelled spectators into an emotional journey, the quicksteps and tangos were simply breathtaking and the latin dances, such as the samba and the salsa, had everyone in attendance itching to join in.

The tours received critical acclaim from many publications, all of which were hypnotized by the glitz and magic of Brendan’s showmanship. The Plymouth Herald praised his approach as “a feast for the eyes and ears”, the Bristol Post claimed it “broke the mould” and the Daily Star on Sunday even reviewed it as “all the best bits of Strictly multiplied by ten”. A Night to Remember follows from this success.

French Dancing With The Stars champion Fauve Hautot returns, as does Germany’s Patrick Helm who has been working as assistant to the artistic director on Strictly Come Dancing, as well as professional ballroom and latin dance instructor Crystal Main.

Brendan’s cast will be extended even further with more exciting names to be announced.

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