Human messiah with revolutionary message - Review by Derek McMillan

“Oy!” was the rather unexpected way that Jesus summoned his first disciples in George Dillon’s dramatic interpretation of The Gospel of Matthew at the Capitol in Horsham on Wednesday, March 27.

This contemporary interpretation of the Gospel is delivered with spellbinding force.

The one-man show, which must be exhausting to put on, is backed up with music and back-projected images, which enhance the narrative.

George Dillon dominates the stage and necessarily performs all the characters.

His vision of Jesus is a very human one. There is frustration with his disciples falling asleep on duty and anger at the money-changers polluting his father’s temple. Images of the horrors of the last century – the death camps, 9/11, the persecution of the palestinians for example, form the backdrop to Jesus’s revolutionary message, “love your enemies, bless those who persecute you.” This is what the world looks like if people ignore that message.

I attended this performance with members of Ark – the Horsham charity which tries to put Jesus’s message into practice.

I would have liked to see more school parties at this performance. It was educational.

It would start off a thousand discussions.