Join Angela for Grandma’s Bedtime Stories

First-time author Goring’s Angela Picknell – writing as Angela Gordon – is the author of Grandma’s Bedtime Stories (published by Austin Macauley, £10.99, £3.50 ebook).

Friday, 10th January 2020, 8:40 am

Angela, aged 70, said: “One evening I was asked to babysit my granddaughter and as bedtime approached she asked me for a story out of my head.

“This was very easy as her bedroom was full of various furry animals. After I had made up two stories, she drifted off to sleep.

“A few weeks later I was asked to babysit again and she asked me for the story about Hector the rabbit and Fleur the fairy.

“When I had told her the stories, she looked puzzled and said ‘Grandma that’s not right you have forgotten some of the story.’ She was, of course, correct.

“I decided then to write down my made-up stories.

“I am a great believer that children should be read to at bedtime, TV and mobile phones being switched off.

“In my book I have tried to relay how important it is to have values ie friendship, being kind, not being greedy and caring about others.

“The book has really lovely illustrations, which bring the animals alive and will certainly appeal to children as they have such vivid imaginations.

“The subjects of my stories are basically imaginary animals and their relationships with children.

“It was a lack of memory that inspired me to write down the stories.

“Children from three to eight are my main target who would first enjoy the stories and then learn to read the book themselves, also being challenged by words they might not have encountered before.

“One word I had written was scrumptious and my five-year-old granddaughter asked me what that meant. Having explained, she said “Oh you mean yummy, grandma.”

“ I have loved writing the stories and seeing the expressions on the children’s faces. Really the starting point of the book was getting to be consistent with the stories as children have very good memories and soon tell you if you have made any mistakes. This little book would appeal to grandparents, extended family or friends to read to children at bedtime.

“I have already written several stories ready for, hopefully, a second book and would love to see them published. Hector the rabbit appears in the second book as does Fleur the fairy.”