Anthony’s frustration leads to #TheMotherOfAllParties to celebrate the start of 2015

Anthony Dickinson is determined to put the party back into Worthing this New Year’s Eve.

He’s organised #TheMotherOfAllParties in the Assembly Hall on Wednesday, December 31 from 8pm, promising ‘live music, comedy, DJs, theatre, ultra-cool visuals and the best cocktail bar in town’.

The night offers dance music grooves from Transformer, gravelly rock ‘n’ roll from The Daunts, funk, soul and disco from Inappropriate Handclap DJs, sharp-witted comedy from compere Mike Cox and fire and sparks from CircusSeen, with more great acts to be confirmed.

And all because of Anthony’s own frustration.

“I am a parent of two young children that are a bit more grown up now, and I just can’t cope with Jools Holland every New Year’s Eve. Once you have seen Ruby Turner six years in a row! She’s great, but really I just wanted to put the party back into New Year. There’s the frustration of knowing that there’s really nothing much going on, and I just wanted to create something that people can throw their arms around.

“And we really want to just celebrate Worthing. It has been a good year for Worthing culturally. The town is beginning to burst out. It has had quite a reputation as being God’s waiting room and having a lot of old people, but there is now quite a lot of younger people coming in, moving into the town. As a result, the demographic is changing, and the energy of the town is changing. It has become a really exciting place over the last couple of years. That was something we wanted to celebrate as well.

“We chose the two bands on the basis of the fact they have both got EPs coming out at the moment. Rather than just gigging locally, they are both trying to make it more widely, and it’s an exciting time for both bands. We have seen them performing locally, and they have both got quite a following. We are wanting them to bring along their crowds to the event.”

Anthony is hoping to get crowds of around 700, a realistic target, he believes: “Let’s just see what happens. We are just throwing it out there. We are chancing our arm a bit. It’s the first one, and I don’t think it will be a disaster. We have sold quite a number of tickets already. We have got really amazing lighting. We have got really good sound. We have got really good bands. We are throwing everything at it. If it goes well, we would certainly be thinking about doing another.”

Tickets are available in advance from the Worthing Theatres website and will also be available on the door.