FEET play Brighton and Portsmouth dates


FEET head out on their first headline tour with dates including February 27 at Portsmouth’s Edge of the Wedge and February 28 at Brighton’s Latest Music Bar.

The band formed at the University of Coventry and by the time they hit the road, they will have finished recording their debut album, with a view to a release date at the end of the summer.

Bass player Oli Shasha said: “We got together about two and a bit to three years ago at the University of Coventry. We were all doing different courses, and none of us was actually doing music, funnily enough. George the singer and a guy called Harry decided to form a music society because they didn’t have many people that were into the same kind of music as them, and they decided that they would try to start a band and do some music together. It was like indie, alt. They started out doing covers of things like The Libertines. I got involved a couple of weeks later. They were looking for a bass player, and it was as simple as that. We did a lot of early singles while we were finding our feet, if you pardon the pun. We put some music out there just to see what it did, and we just kept developing in the right direction through university. We have all graduated now, last June.

“Initially it was just to do something as a creative outlet, just something on the side. We were starting in the first year and it is the cliché that in the first year you don’t do much studying. We were finding excuses not to do as much work as we were supposed to do. But in the second year and the third year, we were having conversations about it getting more serious and it being something that we should be sticking with, that we should hang about with the idea after we had graduated.”

As for the name: “Well, it is a bit of a marmite name, in a way. It was just conceived at the pub. We didn’t really know what to call ourselves, and that was one of the nonsense names that we were playing around with. We wanted something that wasn’t too serious because we weren’t taking it too seriously at the time. One of the reasons we liked it was because one of the guys didn’t like it at all. But we are stuck with it now! But actually we get more compliments for the name than we do ridicule!

“At the moment we are just finishing off our first album. We are in Battersea with our producer, and it should be out towards the end of the summer. It seems like a long process. You think you would just write the songs and then record them and then they would be out, but apparently it takes quite a while. We have got an idea for the title of the album revolving around one of the songs, but we are not totally sure at the moment. It is quite hard to decide a name for your debut album, so we are going to think about it all a bit more.”

First comes the excitement of the debut headline tour: “We have got dates up and down the country. This is our first tour with the new line-up. We have got a new drummer. We are all just feeling more comfortable, but we are all still very new to it all. It is just about trying to build up a good reputation.”

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