Superb six-piece taps into memories from the 1970s

Jane Smith, AKA Janey Bombshell
Jane Smith, AKA Janey Bombshell

2015 could prove a great year for six-piece live-band The Supersonic ’70s as they start to step up their game.

They are looking at the bigger venues ahead, with new management on board. They’ve got a date at the Capitol, Horsham on February 28.

Jane Smith, AKA the cat-suited wondergirl Janey Bombshell, explains: “We have been going now about four years. It was put together by Greg Hart and Andy Stewart who wanted to create the ultimate ’70s band, not a party shop band but a proper band that would tap into memories. Some people think it is enough to put on a feather boa and sing YMCA, and you are away. But that’s not enough for us.

“They wanted to take the songs that were out there back then and perform them properly, really testing themselves as musicians. Greg still lives in the ’70s. It’s true. It’s ridiculous, but he talks about the ’70s all the time. He eats and sleeps and lives and breathes the whole thing. The whole thing is just alive for him all the time.

“I was born in ’75 so I don’t really remember it, but he has got such fond memories of everything about it, just what a huge deal it was and how exciting it was to go out and buy vinyl.”

And it’s that enthusiasm he transfers to the band as it goes from strength to strength: “There are six of us. We have had a couple of personnel changes along the way, but we have still got four original members, and we all live in the area, in West Sussex, apart from the drummer who lives in Nottingham – not that that really matters because we are going all over the country.

“The Supersonic ’70s is our band name. But we were approached by a big theatre company that basically puts big shows into places.

“We wanted them to help us take our show to the next level because sometimes it can be quite hard to get your foot in the door. But he called us back and said ‘Where have you been all this time!’ He has booked us about 60 shows this year. The hope is to go abroad and to do festivals and things like that, and the idea is to do it on the back of doing bigger places this year. For these concerts we will be going out as the Solid Gold ’70s, but we will still be The Supersonic ’70s for Horsham and for a number of other shows we do.”

The point is that this will be their first time at the Capitol: “We are really looking forward to it.”

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