Balcombe pantomine is a hoot!


Christmas has begun in Balcombe with the Victory Players’ production of the pantomime “Robin Hood”

The Victory Hall echoed to shouts of “It’s behind you”, “Oh, No it isn’t” and the other usual audience participation, as Robin Hood (Charlie Marshall) assisted by a band of Merry Men and Nurse Annie Body (Rodney Saunders) defeats the baddies – Prince John (Max Preston Bell), the Sheriff of Nottingham (Michael Mergler), the Abbot (Charles Metcalfe) and Sir Guy (John Hunt).

On the way he meets and falls in love with Marion (Chloe Holland) and, with the blessing of Marion’s father, Sir Richard (Chris Walker), “I couldn’t ask for a better outlaw for an in-law” they marry and live happily ever after in Sherwood Forest.

The show was produced by Michael Mergler & Justine Gillen and directed by Ronnie Whitehead