Natasha Hoeberigs wants her princess to be both brave and beautiful in the Horsham Capitol panto

Natasha Hoeberigs as Princess Aurora. Picture by Steve Robards, SR1827117
Natasha Hoeberigs as Princess Aurora. Picture by Steve Robards, SR1827117

Natasha Hoeberigs will play the Princess Aurora in Sleeping Beauty, the 2018 panto at Horsham’s Capitol.

The show will be in the theatre from Friday, December 14, until Sunday, January 6.

And Natasha will betray none of her newness to it all.

Sleeping Beauty at The Capitol will be only her second panto. She made her panto debut last year and has only ever actually seen one of them.

Natasha was born in New Zealand and moved to Australia when she was 12 years old, spending her high school years there until she was 19.

Now London is her home – a move she made for the increased opportunities it has brought her.

“Australia is great and so is New Zealand, but it is a fairly small industry there,” she explains.

“I just wanted to go abroad and broaden my horizons. I moved away from Australia about eight years ago, and I have now settled in London. But really I always follow the work. If there is a job overseas that comes up, I will go for it. Well, not just any old job! But if something takes my fancy, I will always be prepared to travel.”

As for pantomime, she admits that understandably she didn’t really know too much about it beforehand.

“It came as quite a surprise and I just loved it,” she says. “I just love how unique pantomime is.”

“I was doing a show in London last year and someone said to me would I come and sing a few songs for a pantomime. I said OK, not really knowing very much about it, but I went along and did a bit of Princessy stuff, and I loved it.”

And so here Natasha is as a Princess once again.

“I think the Princess has got to have very good morals and ethics. Princesses have got to be kind and they have got to be lovely to everybody.

“They have also got to be brave. Princesses should be heroines, I think, so they need to be courageous. You don’t want to just have to stand around being pretty. That would be very boring. I think Princesses have got to be brave as well as beautiful.

“And I would love to carry on doing pantomime for years…”

Darlington last year and now Horsham this year, Natasha would love to keep coming back to pantomime in the years to come.

And it seems pantomimes are even starting to catch on in Australia, pantomimes during the Australian winter that is: “If you did it at Christmas in Australia, you would be doing it in something like 45 degree heat!”

Tickets for Sleeping Beauty cost £22.50-£23.50. Family tickets and other discounts are available. Call 01403 750220.

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