Real-life partners Kieran and Sarah join forces for Aladdin

Kieran Sutcliffe and Sarah Jameson
Kieran Sutcliffe and Sarah Jameson

They showed Britain that they’ve Got Talent this year. Now Kieran and Sarah are sharing the stage in panto in Worthing this Christmas.

Partners in real life, Kieran Sutcliffe will be Genie of the Lamp while Sarah Jameson will be the Slave of the Ring in Aladdin at the Connaught Theatre from Friday, December 5 to Sunday, January 4.

Sarah, who trained at Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Art, first met Kieran four and a half years ago when they were working in Madeira, entertaining guests at a hotel for a travel company.

“We were doing Mamma Mia for the hotel guests, and we had a kiss on stage, and I went off thinking ‘Hmmm, was that really acting!’ We got together, and we have been together ever since.

“We do do stuff separately. He loves his cricket, and I will go off with my friends. And we have also worked separately. Last year I was touring in Cinderella, and he was in the show, touring with a different cast.”

But it’s working together that’s the best fun, simply because they know the pressures and know what it’s all about. Also, they can be more honest than might otherwise be the case.

“If I am on stage and it is not sounding right, I can ask him what was going wrong, and he will tell me whereas perhaps friends will just say ‘Oh, you’re fine!’ You can be more straightforward with each other.”

The touring Cinderella last year was their first panto strictly speaking, but Aladdin is their first in a ‘proper theatre theatre’, Sarah says: “And we are hoping that it will be the first of many.

“What is good about me and Kieran is that I think we will bring a lot of audience engagement to the show.”

Sarah cites the panto launch back in September when Kieran, along with the rest of the cast, was very keen to chat to the public as they walked through town in their costumes.

“And if we are in a pub, he will always be trying to tell people about what we do and about our shows. He just likes to get people involved. I think we will bring those characteristics as actors, but I think our cabaret experience means that we will engage with the audience much more.”

It was Sarah who was the driving force behind them entering Britain’s Got Talent: “It’s funny. We had been for shows before. Last year we went to The Voice and X Factor and got to the second round. But Kieran said ‘No, no, no, we are not going to do Britain’s Got Talent. We have done twice before. But not now!’ And I thought OK, and then it was really bad weather. And I just thought that by staying at home, then it was a definite no. But by going and trying, it might just be a yes.

“And so this year I think we were much more laid back, and I think that came across. We got to the semi-finals, I think, because we were so much more relaxed about the whole thing this time.

“It’s difficult to see how people really are on TV, but in real life we can be lovey-dovey and we can argue, and I think people were able to see that we were very natural, and I am sure that that helped us as well. I think some people can come across as being a bit arrogant.”

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