Russell Brand returns to Crawley in new show

Russell Brand
Russell Brand

Following a series of sold-out preview shoes in the autumn, including The Hawth in October, Russell Brand brings his new show Re: Birth to The Hawth Crawley on Tuesday July 4.

Tickets will go on sale from 10am tomorrow (Friday February 3).

What is real? Who are we? Where did this baby come from?

In Re: Birth, Russell Brand wrestles with these questions while unravelling the matrix of modern media, politics, sex, fatherhood and death.

Since rising to fame in 2003, Russell Brand has established himself as one of one of the world’s most celebrated stand-up comedians.

His acclaimed tours include 2006’s SHAME, 2007’s ONLY JOKING, 2009’s SCANDALOUS (which marked his US live debut) and 2013’s critically acclaimed and hugely successful MESSIAH COMPLEX, which was also a best-selling DVD.

Aside from stand-up, Russell is also a successful broadcaster, actor, author, podcaster, columnist, political commentator as well as a mental health and drug rehabilitation activist.

Some of the material performed in the show was included in Russell’s work-in-progress show at The Hawth last October.

Suitable for ages 16 plus.

Tickets priced £30 will be available from The Hawth Box Office from Friday February 3 on 01293 553636 or by visiting