With all the roadworks going on, please release us from our ‘captivity’

I thought you might be interested in the e-mail below which I have sent to West Sussex County Council today.

Saturday, 16th November 2019, 2:02 pm

I am writing regarding the numerous roadworks in the Haywards Heath area.

I live near Haywards Heath station and work in Ditchling Road Wivelsfield, a journey that normally takes less than ten minutes. This morning, it took 35 minutes.

Queens Road is being dug up, there are temporary traffic lights in Oathall Road, the Sussex roundabout was clogged up with people trying to get round to go down South Road, then I got to the roundabout at the end of Rocky Lane and as there are roadworks at the Haywards Heath end of Rocky Lane that roundabout was at a standstill.

The Haywards Heath bypass was at a standstill due to roadworks and the roadworks on Butlers Green Road were leading to tailbacks all the way along South Road, Sussex Road, Wivelsfield Road and beyond.

People are being late for work, children late for school, this morning ambulances couldn’t get through due to the whole town being at a standstill. It appears that authorisation has been given without due care to works already in progress, making it extremely difficult to get into and out of the town.

I appreciate that some of the works may be emergency but there are a ridiculous number of roadworks in and around the town that our making our lives a misery.

To make matters even worse, the sensors on the lights on the Broadway are faulty and are only letting two cars through at a time for vehicles coming up the hill from Perrymount Road.

This is causing even more chaos. For example, my husband is a bus driver and it is taking him 45 minutes to drive up Perrymount Road. He is therefore running extremely late, causing his customers to complain.

I contacted the Highways Department about this and they said they are waiting for a date for the works.

I would ask you on behalf of everyone in Haywards Heath please to look at the whole traffic situation in the area and release us from our ‘captivity’- we feel like we are under siege at the moment. The air quality must also be terrible with so many cars stuck in traffic with their engines running all over the town and the emergency services must be struggling.

Wendy Ahl

Gordon Close,

Haywards Heath