Anti-social behaviour crackdown continues in Horsham as 16 ordered to leave town centre

Police news
Police news

Police patrolling Horsham on Thursday evening ordered 16 people to leave the town centre under the section 35 dispersal order.

A section 35 order enables police officers and PCSOs to order individuals or groups who are causing significant and persistent anti-social behaviour to leave the area and not return for up to 24 hours, police said.

An order has been put in place in Horsham until 3pm this Saturday.

Horsham Police tweeted yesterday evening: “We have a section 35 dispersal in place in Horsham until 3pm on Saturday afternoon.

“Sixteen have been issued already this evening.”

A section 35 was previously authorised in Horsham town centre over a weekend towards the end of March – read more here.

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