Nine sheep killed by dogs in South Downs attacks

A stern new warning has gone out to dog owners from Sussex Police that their pets could be shot if they worry livestock.

Thursday, 18th November 2021, 10:44 am

It follows two attacks by dogs in fields in the South Downs which left nine sheep dead.

Police say that in one incident on November 11 two dogs entered a field containing 400 sheep in London Road, Washington.

One was killed and several others injured.

Nine sheep were killed by dogs in attacks in the South Downs

In another attack two days later eight lambs were found dead in the corner of a field in Bignor near Pulborough.

A police spokesman said: “The cause of their death looks very much like being chased by a dog or dogs.”

He said it was likely that other ewes in the field were likely to abort their lambs.

He added: “Dog owners are reminded that dogs must be on a lead and under control whilst in areas where sheep are kept.

“More often than not, unless you have permission to exercise your canines in a field, you are trespassing.

“You are also reminded that owners of sheep are permitted to shoot dogs that are worrying any livestock.”