UPDATE: Bomb squad remove grenade from town centre after evacuation

Police news
Police news

A bomb squad called to an estate agents after a grenade was found in the basement have now declared the area safe.

Several town centre shops were evacuated after a hand grenade was found in the basement of the estate agent in High Street, East Grinsted.

Police cordoned off part of road after the unexploded device was discovered lodged beneath a pipe at about 1pm.

When explosive ordance disposal experts arrived later this afternoon they found that the grenade was not live and took it away for disposal.

Officers said staff made the discovery while they were clearing out the basement to move to a new premises.

The grenade’s safety pin was still in place and the area has been taped off while emergency services wait for the bomb squad to arrive.

On Twitter, John Pye shared a picture of the scene and said: “Police evacuated and cordoned off your favourite local bookshop today, as an unexploded grenade was discovered in the former Coles estate agency’s cellar.”