The deaf cat who is desperate for a new home ...

A cat who is deaf - and prone to sunburn - is in desperate need of a loving new home.

Tuesday, 26th July 2016, 2:09 pm
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 1:57 am
Casper who is deaf - and pron to sunburn SUS-160726-130550001

Two-year-old long-haired white cat Casper was handed into Cat’s Protection’s National Adoption Centre in Chelwood Gate after his previous owner could no longer keep him.

While being deaf doesn’t affect his quality of life, staff at the centre say that Casper needs an owner who will be committed to providing him with a safe, secure outdoor space.

Centre deputy manager Karen Thompson said that with the right support, cats with disabilities like Casper can lead happy lives.

She said: “Cats with disabilities cope and adapt remarkably well, and Casper is no exception. But to make sure he can lead a happy and safe life, his new owner will need to be mindful of his condition and make sure he has everything he needs.

“Casper would love to be able to go outdoors, but because deaf cats cannot hear danger signals such as cars or other animals, he will need a safe and secure garden from which he cannot escape.

“Deaf cats can be easily startled, as they can’t hear when someone is approaching. But they can sense vibrations, so it is useful to walk heavily when approaching so they can sense the vibrations.

“Casper is a lovely, friendly cat and although he doesn’t like to be around other cats, he is very affectionate and doesn’t like being left on his own. The right owner for him will be someone who is around most of the day to lavish him with attention.

“As he has thick, long fur, Casper will need daily grooming to keep his coat clean, which is an activity he will enjoy.”

Karen added that Casper’s new owner will also be alert for another potential hazard for him – sunburn.

She said: “Just like humans, cats – particularly white cats like Casper – can get sunburn which can be very dangerous and could lead to skin cancer. Our recommendation is that cats with unpigmented white ears or noses are kept indoors on really hot days.”

To find out more about adopting Casper or any of the other cats in the care of the National Cat Adoption Centre, email [email protected] or visit the centre seven days a week from 10am until 4pm.

For more information about the centre, visit

The National Cat Adoption Centre is situated in Chelwood Gate, on the A275 between Wych Cross and Danehill.