Menace of overgrown hedges and trees

Overgrown hedges in a number of roads in and around Horsham have got residents up in arms.

Tuesday, 12th July 2016, 3:03 pm
Updated Thursday, 25th August 2016, 6:36 pm
Persistent rain has led to a surge in foliage growth. Photo: Steve Robards

Many are annoyed that garden owners are not trimming back trees and shrubs which, they say, are now causing obstructions and proving a danger to the public.

Some have taken to social media to voice their concerns - along with a plea for action.

One woman said on the website “I’m so fed up with overhanging hedges causing an obstruction on the public pavements in some parts of the town.

“It’s now getting past the nesting season, so if you are next to one, please cut yours back to your legitimate fence line and give us walkers, wheelchair and buggy users the space we are entitled to.”

Billingshurst Road and Warnham Road in Broadbridge Heath are said to be particularly bad, along with Giblets Way in Horsham.

Rushams Road at its junction with Guildford Road in Horsham is also said to have poor visibility because of overgrown shrubs.

Another woman said: “You have to pull forward into the flow of on-coming traffic to be able to see clearly.”

Others have complained of brambles and branches sticking out ‘at pushchair height’ being a danger to passing mums and children.

“It won’t be long before a child gets badly hurt,” said another mum.

The wealth of foliage is being blamed on this soggy summer’s high amount of rainfall which has put a growth spurt on plants.

A spokesman for West Sussex County Council, which is responsible for highways, said it is up to residents themselves to cut back their own plants if they overhang pavements and roadways.

He said: “We’d like to remind all private hedge owners it is their responsibility to keep vegetation cut back.

“We will be visiting these areas and will issue enforcement letters if their hedges are poorly maintained.”