Future of Clair Hall in Haywards Heath discussed at meeting

Clair Hall in Haywards Heath
Clair Hall in Haywards Heath

Almost 150 residents attended a public meeting to hear about the future of Clair Hall in Haywards Heath.

The meeting, which was organised by the Haywards Heath Society, was held at the hall in Perrymount Road last Wednesday.

Margaret Serdiuk, programme secretary for the Haywards Heath Society, said: “The meeting had been called as in about three years’ time, Mid Sussex District Council will be finalising its new Leisure Strategy for the next ten years.

“The meeting was an opportunity to get in early by involving people in what it was they wanted to see for Clair Hall’s future use and siting.

“The district council will be considering its leisure strategy over the next couple of years and they intend to get the new strategy agreed before the current one expires in 2020.

“It was better to get in on the front foot rather than wait for a plan to be presented and then trying to alter decisions already made.

“Many members of the public were anxious to give their views about Clair Hall’s shortcomings and many suggestions were made as to what other uses could be made of it.

“However, when a show of hands was called for, nearly 99 per cent wanted Clair Hall to remain on its present site as it was conveniently near transport, had adequate parking and catered for both small and large gatherings.

“The Haywards Heath Society will be gathering together the views and opinions expressed, together with a number of replies to a questionnaire it had circulated in the media and will be writing to the district council with its findings and recommendations for the new Leisure Plan.”

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