Lindfield barber shop owner’s ‘pride’ as business featured on Bargain Hunt

The owner of a Lindfield barber shop has spoken of her ‘pride’ at her business being chosen to feature on BBC’s Bargain Hunt.

Monday, 11th November 2019, 5:36 pm
Crew members, Anita Manning, and Penelope Hoyle-Witt in front of the Penny Black Barber Shop
Crew members, Anita Manning, and Penelope Hoyle-Witt in front of the Penny Black Barber Shop

The Penny Black Barber Shop, situated in the old post office in Lindfield High Street, is owned by Penelope Hoyle-Witt.

Penelope transformed the space into a barber shop four years ago, following the closure of the old post office.

She was approached by the broadcaster earlier this year.

Penelope said: “I got a phone call out of the blue from the BBC in May telling me they loved the look of my shop and could they come to film for Bargain Hunt.

“I felt proud that they chose my shop and said of course they could.”

The barber said the team came to film on June 19 – but the show itself was not aired until the end of last month.

“They were with me for three-and-a-half hours and were all very nice,” she said.

“Anita Manning [presenter] was lovely, just as you see her on the television.

“The filming process was very interesting to watch seeing how they put things together is very different to what you expect.

“I really enjoyed the day and was pleased to see the outcome which was aired at the end of October.”

Penelope’s shop is shown in the opening credits, and forms part of the feature in the programme exploring the history of barbering.

First aired on October 28, the Bargain Hunt episode featuring The Penny Black Barber Shop is now available on BBC iPlayer, and can be watched here.

The shop offers haircuts for men and children. Penelope said: “The shop has a nice friendly buzz, and we cater for all ages.

“I have a car in the shop for children to sit in, in front of a fish tank which helps with the younger children if they have any anxieties about getting a haircut.”