Magazine: Could your beach body plan be giving you bad breath?

With summer here and millions getting ready to head away on their long-awaited holidays, new research reveals that one in six Brits are following extreme celebrity-favoured diet plans in an effort to shift those last few pounds.

Thursday, 6th August 2015, 11:00 am
Could your beach body plan be giving you bad breath?

A quarter of us cut down on or cut out carbohydrates, or even skip breakfast, whilst 15% are following eating plans like the Atkins, 5:2 or raw food diets.

What’s more, many are well into their summer body plans with one in three Brits exercising four or more times a week.. But we’re not just exercising more in our efforts to get beach-body ready – one in ten of us are eating a high protein diet, with a similar number drinking protein shakes after they exercise.

Yet did you know that many of these lifestyle changes can actually affect how your breath smells?

Watch the video with nutritionist and lifestyle expert, Amanda Hamilton, and dentist Dr Luke Thorley to hear them explain how some of these diet changes can affect not only your health and wellbeing but could also give you unpleasant breath.

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