Letter: Unearthing a mystery at Haywards Heath GC

Haywards Heath Golf Club has been in existence for 91 years (founded in 1922).

Tuesday, 17th September 2013, 7:43 am
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Or so the Club thought until this week when a weighty mystery landed on the Secretary’s desk.

The object concerned is a heavy Pewter pint tankard with the wording: H. H. G. C. Eclectic Competition. August 31, 1913.

Before the tankard reaches its Centenary at the end of this month it would be fascinating to find out more about it and whether it refers back to a previous Haywards Heath Golf Club. We are not aware of any other type of sport that commonly runs Eclectic competitions.

The history of the trophy can only be traced back 30 years. Around 1974 it was bought in a junk shop (now a fashion shop) at the end of Hickmans Lane, Lindfield by Grace Bayley of Danehill. Her daughter, Alyson Persson, who is living in Cranleigh, has given the Tankard to the Club where it is now sitting proudly in the trophy cabinet.

Members have suggested a few ideas about an earlier Haywards Heath Golf Club. The strongest possibility is that some think there was a nine hole course to the west of Haywards Heath around the area of the new Cuckfield Bypass and Copyhold Lane. However, apart from a few mounds in the ground, which might be tees and greens, there is currently no further evidence of an older Golf Club.

The Club is appealing to any local historians or golfing enthusiasts for information about whether there was a pre-First World War Golf Club at Haywards Heath.

For further information please contact:

Graham White


Haywards Heath Golf Club