Parents in the South East spend more than eight days doing the school run every year

The average school run in the South East will take up more than eight days of parents' lives a year, according to new research.

Sunday, 9th October 2016, 3:58 pm
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 3:36 am

The figures from Sheila’s Wheels shows the average school run takes 63 minutes each day for South East parents – more than anywhere else in the UK.

This is despite the average UK family only living 1.6 miles away from their local school.

Of parents polled, when asked if they’d allow their children to walk to school or take public transport instead, more than half of the relevant respondents admitted that they wouldn’t.

lspeth Hackett, spokesperson for Sheila’s Wheels, commented: “The school run is part of everyday life for millions of parents across the UK and it takes place during the time the roads are often clogged up as shown in the length of time it takes for what is usually a pretty short journey.

“The morning school run coincides with many people’s commute to work meaning it’s the busiest time on the roads and consequently many accidents happen, so it’s important to stay fully focused on your driving.”