Readers react to Burgess Hill dentists removing Hallowe'en clown display

News that a dental practice in Burgess Hill removed a clown from their Hallowe'en decorations after complaints was met with disappointment from Middy readers.

Friday, 1st November 2019, 12:02 pm
Dental Essence

When The Mid Sussex Times broke the news yesterday, readers were quick to voice their love for the display, which had been at Dental Essence in Burgess Hill.

Dental Essence decorate the practice every Hallowe'en and Christmas, and this year it had put up a colour-changing clown.

Kate Goacher said: "Oh for god sake! Ridiculous!

"Lighten up people, it's fun!"

Others praised the effort made by the dental practice, like John Hebditch who said 'shame more companies don't make a similar effort' and Lisa Smith who thought it looked 'amazing' and said it's 'awful that they had to take it down'.

Amanda Peskett said: "Ridiculous! They do an amazing display every year."

Dental Essence decorate the outside of the dental practice at Hallowe'en and Christmas every year, saying they 'enjoy giving back to the community,' which was praised by Marie Pollard who said it's 'great to see the dental practice getting involved'.

Last year, a cyclops eye and monster mouth were displayed on the exterior of the building, and they said children and parents 'loved' it, and their Christmas fairy-lit present and Christmas tree have been 'fantastically received'.

Aimee-Leigh Euling said: "Well done for the effort that has gone into this and all other creations they make for us to enjoy, just a shame this year's Halloween one couldn't be enjoyed however respect to you all for having the consideration for your patients. Can't wait to see your Christmas theme now!"

Some people criticised those who had complained, with Danielle Peters saying 'these busy bodies need to get a life and stop complaining about everything' and calling the display 'wicked', while Lesley Vangelova said: "We loved it, I did wonder why it had been taken down, some people love to take offence at anything."

Lydia Martin-Daciuk said: "Don’t like it, don’t pass it pretty simple. It’s a bit of fun, which the world needs a lot more of at the moment."

Sussex Savers said: "Some people found it a bit scary, isn't that the idea though," a sentiment echoed by Rita Lang who said: "It's Hallowe'en, what's the problem," and Justin Whitchurch who said: "Surely people should know it's just for Halloween, get a life and stop moaning about a business that wants to contribute to the festivities."

Although most people commenting enjoyed the display and thought it should have stayed up, one reader disagreed.

Sally-Ann Lilley said: Before I read the whole article I just thought it was down to do gooders, but it seems that the dental practice have been very thoughtful and realised it could scare people.. well done to them."

The decorations were put up on Monday, October 21, and taken down on Friday, October 25, much to the disappointment of many people on social media.

Jodie Faulkner, regional manager of Dental Essence, said: "Considering the nature of our business, we felt that promoting any element of fear in just one of our patients was one too many, especially given that the following calendar week was set to be half term and that the practice would no-doubt be filled with children."

What do you think? Do you think the dental practice were right to take down the display, or is it just a bit of expected Hallowe'en fun?