Planning applications submitted to Mid Sussex District Council

The following planning applications have been submitted to Mid Sussex District Council between February 22 to 26.

Tuesday, 2nd March 2021, 10:34 am

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Ansty And Staplefield

DM/20/1718: The Barn House, Cuckfield Road, Ansty. Conversion of timber frame barn outbuilding in to living accommodation for visitors to the main house (Amended plan received 8 January 2021) (Amended plan received 24 February 2021).


DM/20/1719: The Barn House, Cuckfield Road, Ansty. Conversion of timber frame barn outbuilding in to living accommodation for visitors to the main house (Amended plan received 8 January 2021) (Amended plan received 24 February 2021).


DM/21/0403: Rose Cottage Day Nursery, The Old Sawmills, Copyhold Lane, Lindfield. New first floor porch extension.

Ashurst Wood

DM/20/3297: The Forge Wall, Hill Road. Demolition of workshop and erection of 2 dwellings, provision of parking and hard/soft landscaping. (Amended plans received 19/02/2021).

DM/21/0572: Oaks Corner, Woods Hill Lane. New detached garage/workshop in existing garden. Extension of front porch roof and roof over rear patio.

Burgess Hill

DM/20/4683: 16 Victoria Way. (Amended Plans 16.02.2021) 11 new self-storage units located on the West side of the existing building.

DM/21/0539: Birch Manor, 4 Oak Grange. Proposed single storey side extension.

DM/21/0555: Walstead House, Birchwood Grove Road. Detached dwelling with associated access and gardens.

DM/21/0595: 14 Coopers Close. Single storey side extension, new porch, solid roof to existing conservatory.

DM/21/0750: 8 Folders Gardens. T1 - Oak, reduce and re-shape by 2-3 meters. Crown lift to 3.5 meters.


DM/20/4259: 1 Buttinghill Drive. Proposed single storey rear extension.

DM/21/0455: 15 Ledgers Meadow. Single storey side and rear extension, two storey side and rear extension. New and altered driveway, and alterations to front boundary wall.

East Grinstead

DM/21/0592: 5 Garden Wood Road. Proposed single storey rear extension.

DM/21/0593: 2A Blackwell Road. Two storey side and front extension. First floor extension over existing porch with alterations to porch.

DM/21/0598: 50 Woodbury Avenue. Conversion of second floor roofspace to form bedroom and ensuite.

DM/21/0611: 15 Beacon Rise. Removal of existing lean-to extension and replace it with a new 2.5m deep single storey rear extension.

DM/21/0651: 60 - 62 London Road. Permanent use of existing loading bay for external seating for the London Road Bar and Grill.

DM/21/0674: 7 Harvest Hill. Single storey extension and pitched roof to existing dormer.

DM/21/0713: East Grinstead House, Wood Street. Installation of substation to facilitate residential conversion of office building.

DM/21/0717: Former Telephone Exchange, Imberhorne Lane. Variation to condition 2 relating to planning application DM/20/2761 to revise the drawings for the amendment to the window placement on the South Elevation including the addition of 2x roof lights. An alternative roof tile is also proposed.


DM/20/4253: 58 Keymer Road. Change of use of existing shop, storage and office to dwelling (ground floor flat) with provision of entrance door and window (new) to bedroom area. Existing shop use retained to frontage.

DM/21/0429: 11 Clayton Avenue. Moving existing front door to new position to enlarge internal hallway and construction of new oak porch pitched roof canopy.

DM/21/0461: 2 Kings Drive. Demolish the existing garage, shed and conservatory and replace with new family room building over the existing garage footprint.

DM/21/0533: 10 Fox Close. Proposed conversion of an existing detached garage into a home gym together with the erection of an adjoining bike store.

DM/21/0599: 3 The Beacons. T3 - Maple, reduce height by 1 meter, shorten lateral limbs by 0.5 meters T4 - Holly, reduce height by 1 meter.

DM/21/0692: 10 Bonny Wood Road. Proposed dormer to rear roof slope. (Note proposed dormers to front roof slope subject to pending planning application DM/21/0360).

Haywards Heath

DM/20/1070: 132 Lewes Road. Construction of a proposed new four bedroom dwelling, on land to the side of 132 Lewes Road. Removal of 4no. trees on the site and the part demolition/removal of an existing boundary wall. Proposal to include associated landscaping and alteration to the private roadway providing access from Lewes Road to the proposed site and neighbouring houses (Amended plans received on 29 October and 2 November 2020 and updated visual images received on 10 November 2020) (Amended plans and Tree Protection Plans received on 19 February 2021).

DM/20/3516: Maxwelton House, 41 - 43 Boltro Road. Demolition of existing office building and provision of 54 apartments with associated parking and landscaping. AMENDED PLANS received 22nd February 2021 reducing the number of flats to 54, addressing comments from the Design Review Panel including revising the scale of the building and the parking layout, the submission of a Daylight/Sunlight Report and a revised Sustainability Report.

DM/21/0458: 2 Woodlands Road. Erection of a front porch and a single storey rear extension with new raised decking.

DM/21/0484: Canton Chef, 38 - 40 The Broadway. Proposed raised decking area with outdoor seating up to 6 tables.

DM/21/0589: 8 Rushwood Close. First floor front extension above existing porch. Render the ground floor wall to west elevation (front). First floor wall to incorporate painted boarding to west elevation (front).

DM/21/0612: Flats 1 To 6 Lockhart Court, Southdowns Park. Replacement of existing timber double glazed windows and entrance communal door with new timber double glazed windows and door to match existing styles and sizes.

DM/21/0613: 3 Bruce Close. Proposed 3 bedroom detached new dwelling. Demolition of side extension and erection of a two storey side extension to host dwelling (to match details approved as part of planning application DM/17/4540).

DM/21/0616: 24 Pond Meadow. Garage Conversion and outbuilding office.

DM/21/0617: Flats 48-53 Lockhart Court, Southdowns Park. Replacement of existing timber double glazed windows and entrance communal door with new timber double glazed windows and door to match existing styles and sizes.

DM/21/0648: 6 Orchard Way. Rear single storey extension, rear access deck moved back to suit. Loft conversion to garage to create store with new rear facing dormer and adjusted roof height.

DM/21/0657: 16 Little Pithfield. Part conversion of garage to playroom.

DM/21/0666: 18 Drummond Close. Landscaping change to back garden of property including level changes, retaining wall and erection of rear fence over 2m in height.

DM/21/0726: Land To The South Of 1 Bridgers Mill. T1 - Oak, fell and grind out stump. Replant with two new trees

Horsted Keynes

DM/21/0491: 1 Jefferies. Landscape the land to the front of the property with planting and a permanent driveway.

DM/21/0499: The Crown Inn Cricket Pavilion, The Green. Erection of external integrated veranda to provide seating area. Additional shiplap cladding to be installed over the existing outer walls. (amended description 25/02/2021).

DM/21/0566: Bowling Alley Cottage, The Green. Enlargement of kitchen and partial replacement and enlargement of the existing link extensions. Internal renovations to annex including new dormer window. Internal alterations to existing cottage.

DM/21/0665: Newnhams Rough, Birchgrove Road. Proposed alterations to existing access.

Hurstpierpoint And Sayers Common

DM/20/4584: 94 Western Road, Hurstpierpoint. Three storey rear extension.

DM/20/4625: Oak Tree, St Georges Lane, Hurstpierpoint. Two storey side extension with associated internal alterations and reinstating integral garage and a new front porch. (Description updated 18.01.2021) (Revised plans received 23.02.2021).

DM/21/0529: Pitfield Barn Cut Flower Farm And Studio, Pitfield Barn, Chalkers Lane, Hurstpierpoint. Use of barn as permitted under application DM/17/3619 - mixed agricultural and E use building to enable a flower workshop area, storage of materials associated with the flower growing enterprise, office and erection of a poly tunnel, together with the holding of educational workshops, cafe and flower sales ancillary to the permitted use of the barn and flower farm.

DM/21/0557: 49 Hassocks Road, Hurstpierpoint. Raising the roof line of the existing lower roof structure. Demolish existing side orangery, erection of a single storey side extension, erection of a single storey rear extension. Reinstate window above the front door and re-organise part of the fenestration.

DM/21/0647: Geniefa, Cuckfield Road, Hurstpierpoint. Proposed roof extension over existing double garage and over part of existing first floor rooms, proposed plant room, and garden store, with lean-to pitch roof over. Proposed new solar panels to new roof extension south roof slope (permission for existing solar panels on existing south and east roof slopes, installed in 2015).

DM/21/0661: 172 Cuckfield Road, Hurstpierpoint. Single storey rear extension and a part two storey rear extension.

DM/21/0677: 63 Wickham Hill, Hurstpierpoint. Variation to condition 2 relating to planning application DM/20/2964 to replace the approved plans as the scheme has been reduced in size.


DM/21/0346: Lindfield Dry Cleaners, 4 Denmans Lane. Rear extension to 4 Denmans Lane.

DM/21/0485: Milton House, Black Hill. Proposed two storey replacement rear extension.

DM/21/0643: 48 Sunte Avenue. Proposed single storey outbuilding at bottom of rear garden.

DM/21/0704: Dormy, 8 Brook Lane. Retrospective application to vary condition 3 of 13/01243/FUL for Velux windows as built.

DM/21/0727: West Wing, Old Place, High Street. T1- Yew - reduce crown by 1m.

Lindfield Rural

DM/20/4399: Heather Place, Lewes Road, Scaynes Hill. Erection of an outbuilding measuring 7.7m x 7.7m (Amended block plan to relocate outbuilding 22.02.2021).

DM/21/0693: 4 Walstead Place Cottages, Scaynes Hill Road, Lindfield. Revocation of S106 Agreement and associated agricultural occupancy condition. Condition 1 of F/64/131.


DM/20/4322: Southgate Stud, Cuckfield Lane, Warninglid. Conversion of stable building to single residential dwelling.

DM/21/0444: Truckers Ghyll, Horsham Road, Handcross. Single storey extension and loft conversion to main house, and garage conversion to form a guest annexe.

DM/21/0664: 18 Brougham Lane, Pease Pottage. Proposed loft conversion with new dormer to the rear elevation and 5 Velux windows to the front elevation.


DM/21/0575: Loxley, Bolney Chapel Road. Demolition of existing 4 bedroom, two storey detached dwelling and self-contained 1 bedroom flat. Erection of new 5 bed two storey, detached dwelling in same location. Extension and conversion of existing single storey 1 bed cottage in garden to form new self-contained 3 bed single storey dwelling. Alterations to both access points onto Bolney Chapel Road with new gate for main property.


DM/21/0159: Hexham, Brookhill Road, Copthorne. Single storey side extension.

DM/21/0644: Land West Of Copthorne, North Of The A264, East Of M23 And West Of Shipley Bridge Lane, Copthorne. Reserved Matters Planning Application for the approval of appearance, landscaping, layout and scale for residential development on phases 3 and 4 pursuant to Outline Planning Permission 13/04127/OUTES (as amended), comprising 197 dwellings, internal access roads, public open space, landscaping and associated infrastructure works.

DM/21/0646: Greenhedges, Felcot Road, Furnace Wood. Reinstatement of existing roof with dormer on rear roof slope and single storey extension.

DM/21/0707: Peel House, Copthorne Road, Copthorne. Proposed extensions and alterations comprising of: proposed single storey side extension (west side), single storey rear extension (south side), first floor extension (south side), first floor extension (west side), feature glazed gable roof extension (south side), dormer roof extensions (east side and west side). external material updates to include new roof tiles of composite slate, alu-clad windows, silicone render and stone cladding to new and existing external walls, new and existing dormers to be clad with zinc cladding.