Planning applications submitted to Mid Sussex District Council

The following planning applications have been submitted to Mid Sussex District Council between May 3 and 7.

Monday, 10th May 2021, 3:07 pm

For more information about the planning applications below visit the Mid Sussex District Council website.

Ansty And Staplefield

DM/21/1524: Bridge Hall, Cuckfield Road, Burgess Hill. Full application for the erection of 35 residential dwellings with new access created onto Cuckfield Road, landscaping, open space and parking.


DM/21/1642: Old Deaks Lodge, Deaks Lane, Cuckfield. Certificate of Lawful Use for the Occupation of Old Deaks Lodge, for a unfettered standalone residential use without complying with occupancy condition 1 on planning permission F/64/23/A.

DM/21/1682: High Point, Brook Street, Cuckfield. Lawful Development Application for Existing Use in respect of four garages.

DM/21/1714: The Old Dairy, Great Thorndean Barn, Slough Green Lane, Warninglid. Variation of condition 2 relating to planning application DM/17/1846 to allow for amendments to approved plans with the plans submitted for this application (numbered CDMS-21002. 07,08,09 and 10).


DM/21/1441: Kemps House, London Road. Temporary retention of two marquees for two years.


DM/21/1593: Rear Of Rosedale, The Street. Remove existing garage and erect a new detached single storey, 2-bedroom residential dwelling, with associated car parking spaces for 2 vehicles, to the rear of Rosedale. Formation of new access from Paynesfield and erection of a new 2m high garden wall.

Burgess Hill

DM/21/0842: 14 The Acorns. Conversion of attached garage into a habitable room.

DM/21/1579: 24 Oak Hall Park. Retrospective change of use of existing footpath verge into private garden and erection of boundary fencing.

DM/21/1629: 20 Grove Road. Demolish existing porch fronting the highway and erect new porch with internal alterations and new/altered windows.

DM/21/1651: 1 Cromwell Mews. Single storey side extension.

DM/21/1700: 10 Wisden Avenue. Two Storey side extension.


DM/21/1606: Holy Trinity CE Primary School, Glebe Road. To install a wooden playship at the edge if the playground.

East Grinstead

DM/20/4471: 42 Estcots Drive. Demolish existing garage. Single and two storey side extension (amended plans received 01/05).

DM/21/1147: 4 Chaucer Avenue. Proposed single storey side extension and two storey projecting rear extension.

DM/21/1514: 10 St Swithuns Close. Ground floor side extension and alterations to existing ground floor pitch roof.

DM/21/1544: 3 Beckett Way. Removal of existing conservatory and erection of a proposed single storey rear extension.

DM/21/1604: 79A High Street. Conversion of existing physiotherapist studio/office (B1) to 1 bedroom residential dwelling.

DM/21/1605: 79A High Street. Conversion of existing physiotherapist studio/office (B1) to 1 bedroom residential dwelling.

DM/21/1652: 57 Crossways Avenue. Garage conversion, single storey front extension and rear extension. Remove side dormer for a two storey side and rear extension with a single storey store room to the side.

DM/21/1665: Highgrove Hall, Imberhorne Lane. Conversion and alterations to detached garage to provide ancillary tourist accommodation.

DM/21/1672: 2 Blount Avenue. Single storey side extension.

DM/21/1677: Nostromo, 80 Campbell Crescent. Single storey rear extension.

DM/21/1690: 24 Sackville Lane. T1 Oak Tree - Reduce crown by 10 m, clear growth off main stem and remove Ivy.

DM/21/1697: Rear Of 6, 8, 10, 11 And 12 Aspen Court, Fairfield Road. Reduce height of holly hedge to height of 2.5 - 3 meters.

DM/21/1703: Ravenswood, Brooklands Way. Single storey side and rear extension with a low pitch tiled roof and rooflights. The space created will provide an open plan kitchen-diner together with utility, an office/study for home working and a storage room .

DM/21/1723: 16 Baldwins Field. T1 Beech - partial crown reduction of 3 metres to create balanced crown. T2 Oak - Crown thin by 20%. T3 Beech - Crown thin by 20%.


DM/21/0748: 33 Hurst Road. Construction of home gym and garden store in rear garden.

DM/21/0990: 6 The Croft. Proposed two storey and single storey side extension works, porch alteration and internal changes to suit. (Revised plans received 04.05.2021).

DM/21/1392: 31 Keymer Road. Erection of an open sided, single pitched roof shelter for outdoor seating.

DM/21/1653: Byanda, Brighton Road. Demolition of Byanda (a single residential property and ancillary buildings) and the erection of a 66 bedroom residential care facility, with associated access, ground works, car parking, servicing, private amenity space, landscaping and boundary treatment.

DM/21/1705: 23 Parklands Road. Loft conversion incorporating rear facing dormer and 3 front facing veluxes.

DM/21/1717: 26 Semley Road. Application seeks to make amendments to approved application DM/19/2813, to change the colour and type of cladding, add a new window on the rear north side elevation and add two rooflights to the rear facing roof.

Haywards Heath

DM/21/1522: 61 Farlington Avenue. Holly - Reduce the crown of the tree both in height by 1.4 metres and spread by 1 metre and remove any dead/dying branches.

DM/21/1580: 18 Weald Rise. Patio at rear of property. Raised patio on sloping ground to a maximum height of approximately 1.2m.

DM/21/1644: 33 Cobbetts Mead. Single storey rear extensions to lounge/dining area and to garage area, and the redesign of the internal ground floor layout.

DM/21/1666: 62 Washington Road. The erection of a single storey dual pitched roof outbuilding with full acoustic treatment for use as a music studio.

DM/21/1722: 9 Lucastes Avenue. Reduce Maple by Approx 2 metres all round and cut back from roof of No:11.

Hurstpierpoint And Sayers Common

DM/18/1860: Naldretts Farm, Pookbourne Lane, Sayers Common. Change of use of grazing land to a polo pitch with associated works including the formation of a new lagoon, landscaping, and vehicular access via Northend Lane (Amended plans and information submitted on 2 August 2018) (Amended plans and information submitted on 11 October 2018) (Amended plans and information received on 30 June 2020) (Amended access plans and ecology information received 29 April 2021).

DM/21/1295: 145 Western Road, Hurstpierpoint. Single storey side extension.

DM/21/1504: Land West Of Lodge Cottage, South Avenue, Hurstpierpoint. Variation of condition no.2 of planning permission DM/18/2698 to amend approved plans to allow changes in design.

DM/21/1638: Little Park, Trinity Road, Hurstpierpoint. Construction of a single-storey extension to the east-facing elevation. Insertion of roof windows to the east-facing pitched roof on the ground floor. Existing doors to be removed and replaced with timber framed, double glazed window, also on the east-facing elevation.

DM/21/1641: Little Park, Trinity Road, Hurstpierpoint. Construction of a single-storey extension to the east-facing elevation. Insertion of roof windows to the east-facing pitched roof on the ground floor. Existing doors to be removed and replaced with timber framed, double glazed window, also on the east-facing elevation.

DM/21/1646: Laundry Cottage, 3 Hassocks Road, Hurstpierpoint. The conversion and extension of the existing outbuilding to create a separate dwelling, extending the permeable gravel driveway and associated hard and soft landscaping works.

Lindfield Rural

DM/21/0915: 1 Walstead Place Cottages, Scaynes Hill Road, Lindfield. Proposed garden outbuilding. (amended plans received 06/05).


DM/21/1647: High Trees, Slaugham Lane, Warninglid. Proposed single storey extension and alterations.

West Hoathly

DM/21/1671: Rushbrooke, Selsfield Road. Proposed two storey rear extension.

DM/21/1687: 3 Duckyls Cottages, Selsfield Road. Extension of existing garden level using decking.

DM/21/1693: 2 The Old Bakery, Top Road, Sharpthorne. Removal of existing conservatory to be replaced with a part single and part two storey side extension.


DM/21/0524: Pembley Farm, Pembley Green, Copthorne Common. Demolition of existing outbuilding and single storey extension to previously approved barn conversion. Creation of new access drive and removal of previously approved garage building and erection of replacement garage building with home office above. Changes to previously approved fenestration to barn conversion.

DM/21/0797: Hunters Lodge, Lake View Road, Furnace Wood. Amendment to the two storey extension approved under DM/20/4056 to add a single storey pitched roof side extension for boot room and shower.

DM/21/1507: 28 Bridgelands, Copthorne. Oak - Trim branches up to 5m.

DM/21/1674: Deer Valley, Turners Hill Road, Crawley Down. Non material amendment relating to planning reference DM/20/4696 allow for a new roof shape to porch at front of property and change of rear first floor bathroom window from 2 panes to 3 panes.

DM/21/1684: Bakers Dozen, 13 Burleigh Close, Crawley Down. Proposed partial conversion of garage into a wet room.

DM/21/1706: 10 Brookhill Close, Copthorne. Single Storey Side Extension.

DM/21/1720: Middleview, 12 Bowers Place, Crawley Down. Proposed single storey side/rear extension.