Ronald Pross’ search for a publisher in time for book day

A retired Haywards Heath author is searching for a publisher in time for World Book Day.

Thursday, 7th March 2019, 2:31 pm
Updated Thursday, 7th March 2019, 2:35 pm

Ronald Pross, 85, as a champion for both an active retirement and living life to the full, is appealing to publishers on World Book Day to help him with publishing the final two books in his lifetime’s epic.

He said: “As a Second World War child evacuee, my first book, The Penny Entrepreneur, is a real wartime adventure and I was so fortunate to have it published twenty years ago.”

Whistle 38362 Ron and Joan Pross pictured at Petlands Lodge, Haywards Heath.

Ron explained that the second instalment of the trilogy, which is yet to be named, covers his schooling days, up until when he started work and was called up for national service in 1953.

“Life sort of took over then and I was unable to focus on getting the third book done,” he added.

Ronald and his wife, Joan, had been living in Billingshurst in a bungalow prior to moving to Churchill Retirement Living’s Petlands Lodge but as they got older, the house was becoming more and more of a challenge.

The couple’s previous home, was said to have been fine but it was a much larger property and as time went by, it became a lot of work to maintain, and was taking up so much of my time.

Eventually they made the decision to downsize and buy an apartment.

Mr Pross said: “My eldest daughter had recently moved to Ardingly and used to come into Haywards Heath to do her shopping. She saw Petlands Lodge and thought we would love it - and she was right.”

The final book, which is likely to be entitled, A Wonderful Life, covers Ronald’s life from 1953 up until the present day and he is delighted to be back behind the writing desk, getting the book finished.

Ronald said: “Moving into our apartment, I have so much more time to enjoy life and have finally been able to get back behind the desk and work on completing my third book.

He started writing his trilogy in 1974, as part of an electronic typing course, he was taking, it will have taken him 44 years to complete the books by the time he finishes them - but better late than never.

With World Book Day on March 7, Ronald would love to use the national celebration of books to appeal to any publishers who would be interested in talking about publishing his final two books.

Ronald disclosed how the main reason he had written his books is to leave something behind for his family.

Something they can pass through the generations and enjoy reading in years to come. The icing on the cake for Ronald would be if a publisher were able to help.