Bottlenecks are the cause of pollution, not the dual carriageway

In response to Jo Kyndt’s recent letter, while not specifically commenting on the merits of a 50mph speed limit, other than to say that over the distance concerned, I suspect it would not make a huge difference in the pollution. I have made other points in the consultation.

Sunday, 5th May 2019, 12:21 pm
Updated Sunday, 5th May 2019, 12:28 pm

One is that the need for a dual carriageway is dubious. The congestion and thus pollution is caused by the bottleneck roundabouts and at the Triangle in particular, not by the capacity of the road itself.

The second point, is the additional traffic movement created by the restricted access to Stairbridge Lane and Bishopstone Lane. For example, traffic leaving Bolney Grange to head West to the A23 will have to drive east to Cuckfield Road roundabout and then travel back covering approx 1 mile extra. For those leaving Bishopstone Lane it is even worse, as they will have to travel west along Jobs Lane to Stairbridge Lane first.

I hope Jo appreciates the additional traffic that will pass by her door, due to the closure of Bishopstone Lane access to the A2300.

My suggestion is that Jobs Lane be re-opened as a ‘service road’ to the roundabout at the A23 (using the existing redundant spur) and to the Cuckfield Road roundabout, while closing off the Stairbridge Lane junction altogether. Thus traffic heading in or out of Stairbridge Lane or Bishopstone Lane, East or West, will not have to run back and forth along the A2300, creating unnecessary pollution. (Sorry Jo, you would still get extra traffic past your door).

Brian Morgan

Stirling Court Road

Burgess Hill