'˜Unbelievable!' ... Road is resurfaced AROUND a parked car

One '˜selfish driver' is being blamed for spoiling road re-surfacing in a pothole-riddled street.

Tuesday, 1st November 2016, 2:51 pm
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 2:01 am
The car in Greenway, Horsham

Residents in Greenway, Horsham - dubbed ‘the worst road in the district’ - were overjoyed when they heard that re-surfacing was to finally go ahead after months of waiting.

But their joy quickly turned to despair when they saw the results: workmen had tarmaced around a car left parked on the road.

“It’s so disappointing,” said one resident. And some took to social media to vent their anger. Steven Swain said: “I cannot believe that the long awaited resurfacing of Greenway has been spoilt by one selfish driver who didn’t move his/her car.”

And local councillor Christine Costin - who has long campaigned for the resurfacing to be carried out - said: “Greenaway urgently needed its resurface because the condition was dangerous. Such a shame that one vehicle could stand in the way of a perfect job.”

A spokesman for West Sussex County Countil, responsible for road repairs, said: ““Our contractors did start to resurface the road but due to a parked vehicle could not finish the work.

“Unfortunately in these situations we do not have the power to remove vehicles and have to wait until the car is removed by the owner.

“As soon as the car is removed we will finish resurfacing the carriageway.”