Village school adopts innovative parent portal

Staff and children at LVS Hassocks. Picture: Liz Finlayson/Vervate
Staff and children at LVS Hassocks. Picture: Liz Finlayson/Vervate

Parents of a school in Sayers Common can keep up-to-date with what their children are doing after the school adopted a new parent portal.

LVS Hassocks – a specialist school for children with asperger’s and autism, has adopted My School Portal – to enhance communication between staff and parents.

It is an innovative online parent-school portal that offers parents secure, 24-hour access to personalised data for their children, including emails, timetables and events.

Marketing manager Paula Smith said: “Providing parents with regular feedback on their children is of prime importance within Special Educational Needs (SEN) schools.

“With an easily accessible record of communication we can report and work more closely with parents, particularly to ensure greater consistency between a child’s school and home life.

“My School Portal has also been really great to work with throughout. They fully understand the needs of the education sector and parental expectations, working closely with us to develop a complete solution.

“Now we have one portal that facilitates clear channels of communication between parents and the school, and helpfully reducing valuable administration time for our staff in the process.”

Adrian Brown, director of My School Portal, added: “Being able to give parents personalised data is a key area of development for schools and particularly important in schools such as LVS Hassocks who has students with individual and diverse learning communication and socialisation needs. Parents need access to a communications platform that is not only intuitive for its users, but hosts intelligent, readily accessible, personalised data about their children.”

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