Neighbourhood Plan: as mentioned last week, you have until midnight on Monday, 14 January to make any comment on the Plan if you disagree with it in any way. I am aware that some feel that we do not need to include any provision for further housing in the parish. Whilst I appreciate that as things stand today and what MSDC have said, our needs are currently met. However, what we seem to have lost sight of is the fact that this Plan is covering our needs for the next 10, 15 or more years not just the next 5 years! So whilst it would appear we are more than covered today, if we don’t show we have thought of what might change in the future, we could get well and truly stung with so much more development with nothing to fight it with. Please, speak to those who have put the plan together if you have any questions as I can assure you that they have tried to consider every possibility that might happen, not just in the next 5 years but much further into the future.

On a more relaxed and friendly note: if you are into your knitting, the first meeting of the Knit & Natter group is today, Thursday, in Dudley House (next to the Hardware Shop) from 2.30pm. A small donation (say, £1.50/£2.00) is asked for to cover the cost of the homemade cakes and tea/coffee that is provided so if you are thinking of starting the year by getting out more and involved, why not take your first step with this group, I am sure they don’t bite!

Next Wednesday, 16 January, is a busy one: if you are a member of the Rosemary Club and Handcross Ladies as they are both holding their first meetings of the year then. The Rosemary Club will be meeting in All Saints Church (by the bridge on Horsham Road) from 2.30pm. Please remember that this is the meeting when subscriptions are due to be paid and at only £12.50 it is very good value as it covers the cost of all the monthly meetings, usually two outings during the course of the year and a catered Christmas lunch! Their speaker this month is from the auction house Toovey’s and members are welcome to take along an item for a free valuation – you never know that nic nac you bought at a car boot sale in the summer could be worth three times what you paid . . . . you don’t know unless you ask!

Handcross Ladies will be meeting from 7.30pm upstairs in the Social Club due to the Parish Hall being closed. This meeting is their AGM so I would expect subscriptions will also need to be paid here which is £20 for the year. Once the business has been concluded, members will be entertained by Mr Ian Currie, the Editor of Weather Eye magazine, with a talk and slide show on Frost Fairs which should be interesting.