STORM: Mid Sussex battered by gusting wind and rain

STORM force winds and rain lashed Mid Sussex during the night and this morning as the forecasters’ predictions for the South and South West came true in dramatic fashion.

Monday, 28th October 2013, 6:21 am
tree at Brgess Hill bent by storm force gusts just after 6am this morning pic; Phil Dennett

With warnings of gusts of up to about 60 miles an hour people were still taking cover this morning and not travelling unless they had to.

Trains services through Mid Sussex on the London-Brighton line were disrupted, and many roads were made hazardous by flooding caused by heavy rain.

An amber warning had been issued last night, and while winds were lighter at first they gradually increased in speed.

One saving grace today is that children are on half term breaks from school, reducing any risks they might have faced getting to class.

It was hoped the powerful winds might ease later this morning but there were still strong gusts of about 30mph as people left for work.

As daylight approached emergency services were waiting to assess the extent of any major damage and injury caused so far by accidents or fallen treees.