Danger from cycles on paths

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Pedestrains using the pavements (technically, footways) on the Broadway in Haywards Heath run the risk of being knocked down by cyclists.

Most of these cyclists are adults, many cycle furiously and quite a few respond agressively when it is pointed out to them that their behaviour is not only illegal but dangerous.

I realise that the roadway may be congested at times - and that there is pathetically poor provision for cyclists to cycle safely on the public roadways, but there is no reason why cyclists could not dismount and walk with their bikes safely on the pavements for a short distance.

I also realise that an overstretched police force will struggle to find time and resources to ensure these cyclists obey the law and show due respect for their fellow citizens and residents, but the use of number-plates on bicycles has received some public attention recently and its full enforcement might encourage more public-spirited behaviour by cyclists using pavements.

Paul Hunt

The Broadway, Haywards Heath