Crawley Town chief's message to all at the club

Crawley Town technical director Erdem Konyar has sent a message to everyone at the club following the conclusion of the season

Monday, 18th May 2020, 11:38 am

League Two clubs had discussions with the EFL on Friday and it was decided to bring the season to an end.

And Konyar wanted to thank everyone including fans, staff and players for their commitment during a 'challenging year'.

Here is the message in full:

I hope everyone is well and healthy. With the season ending. I would like to thank everyone associated with the football club. It has been a challenging year; however we have continued to grow and achieve new milestones.

To summarise the season; The Stoke and Norwich nights were very special and will forever live in this club’s fabric. We experienced a challenging period and we reacted with graft and diligence.

After December our home form was the best it ever has been since joining the EFL, indicating the progress, desire and fight shown for the badge. A top 10 finish was on the cards. John and Lee deserve a lot of credit for their hard working, honest and genuine approach. There are not many new managers/head coaches that will not ask for an immediate signing or attempt a squad upheaval. Their actions underline respect and honesty towards the club. Thank you.

All the staff as always have all been great. The virus has turned the world upside down. Our staff have shown a sincere affinity towards the club during this period. I want to thank Clare James, Tom Allman, Joe Comper, Sam Gadsdon and Tom Cameron for everything they have done and are doing in this period.

Crawley Town fans celebrate the win against Norwich in the Carabao Cup. Picture by PW Sporting Photography

Their efforts have resulted in important advancements and invaluable retention in areas. The council have been very helpful and supportive during this period. Sue Bader, Nigel Sheehan and Paul Baker deserve a lot of recognition for their continued positive relationship with the club.

Our fans have been brilliant for us and have never given up on the team. Orient and Salford away showed what we are about. We may be the second smallest team in the EFL, however on and off the pitch the size of our fight is right up there. The brave and loyal dedicated home and away support form our 12th man. We thank Paul Hayward for his support of the away travel and the generous gift of the scoreboard ( aiming to be installed for kick off next season).

We appreciate and are grateful for all of our sponsors. Your continued support of the club is paramount to our challenge.

I thank Mr Ziya Eren for providing the club with the highest amount of personal funding to the football club. In the most difficult times he has never pulled away from the club and always supported our work.

We are entering a testing period for the game. We have to work hard and explore new areas. We will as always give our utmost for the badge. We will be trying new ideas and projects as we have to focus on steadying the ship. It is certainly a time of unity; the community, the club and the town need to become one in the times ahead. Thank you for taking your time to read this.